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Your socks are adorable. In response to the question about negative comments, I would never, EVER respond back to someone saying I disagree or that their idea is stupid. It would just never cross my mind. That's so bizarre that someone did that to you.


Don't let one crankypants ruin your fun.

I don't always have time to leave comments, and I don't always have time to respond to comments. I do, however, have time to feel sorry for some poor soul with a problem, and a solution given to them freely, but who doesn't have the common sense to put the two together.

Not everyone is "nice." Life is too short and precious to let in someone else's sourness. Let it go.


That is horrifying... who would do that? I feel so bad for you - don't take it personal. I love when people leave comments on my blog, I always find it so humbling that someone would think that my silly little blog is provoking/interesting enough to comment on. Plus, I feel like I've "met" (although not in person) some really great people. Shake it off - you rock!

Wendy DG

Socks are great!

That chick was WAY outta line! There is just no telling what motivates people from one minute to the next. Sometimes a wicked frame of mind takes over and a person takes things totally the wrong way. Bad day or not, she was wrong. Most people out there are not like her. And, you can easily erase her from your personal bubble. Happily, it's as easy as hitting the delete button.


I think that was a great idea to make 3 socks! Your sock pal is very lucky indeed. I am a 100th tier blogger but I NEVER would respond in an ugly way to a comment. If it was something I didn't like I would just say Thank You or nothing at know the old"if you can't say something nice....." I like to comment back to my commenters. Often I don't get their email if they aren't logged in but I will try to find their blog if possible and stop by there and leave a comment. I love to connect with fellow knitters. and for the most part they are great! I am sorry that you had a bad experience. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. I happened here from reading Scout's comments. I want to see more Shadow Shawls....back to my mission :)


Sorry for the jerky blogger. Screw her. Don't take it personally!!!!


Oh that is dreadful! I find most knitters quite friendly with the exception of only two so far. Course one is a psycho yarnshop owner outside of Atlanta. If you read or heard anything about Annie Moddesit visiting Atlanta you know what I mean.

Don't know why anyone would write back telling you something you suggested while trying to help them would be stupid. That is so rude!


Gorgeous socks! What a shame that someone responded so negatively to your comment. It's a shame that some folks seem to lose their manners on the net but don't let that one bad egg deter you from visiting the rest of us more friendly bloggers :)


Those are some cool socks! And don't even give that blogger a second thought. If you pose a problem on a blog, you should expect to get responses and suggestions. She was way out of line.

Jo in Boston

Great socks--hope they're mine! I love comments in any form--don't let her deter you from commenting anywhere.


Those are such fun socks! Can I be your sock pal?

Don't let one person spoil the blogosphere for you. I'm about 10000 tier, but I still try to always respond to comments. And I would never be rude to someone offering help! I love it when people comment.


I can't believe that anyone would be so rude!
Don't let that one meanie spoil what is, in general, a commu(k)nity of amazingly kind, compassionate, talented, intelligent, and funny people for you.
Admittedly, I only comment on others blogs sporadically, and more often than not I simply read, enjoy, and move along.
When I receive comments (which, of course, I love) on mine, if a response is appropriate, I answer. Most of the time I try to fire back at least a simple thank-you. I have found that in most cases, comment responses are few and far between in blog-land and I stopped expecting responses to my comments a long time ago.
Bottom line is, she was out of line.


First off - LOVE the socks. Maybe I'm your pal? (crosses fingers hopefully) Second of all - don't give it another thought. Take her off the list and don't bother going back. Chances are she's "third tier" for a reason, no? Seriously though there are way too many blogs out there to waste your time on someone who obviously doesn't value other knitters and bloggers.


Bonne Marie

I am inspired by your bi-color / inverted socks! I love the black foot with the color ribs and heels [and I love the black cuff too]. Now that I've knit a few pairs of socks, I have left-overs maybe I could put together like that. Thanks for the idea! You Rock!


I think the socks are so fun and extra special.

This is what I tell my students: Rude people always makes the nice people look even nicer. It always makes them laugh! It's all in the way you look at things.

Knit on and knit strong:0)


I love non-matching socks. What a great idea.


IGNORE that BITCH. I left what I thought was a well known helpful hint the other day on a blog and I also got an immediate response, however the reponse I got was greatful. Love the socks BTW.


Socks are frikkin brrilliant. Blogger was frikkin rude. Nuff said.


Well, I'm glad you still read the knitting blogs - I just saw the link to the Regia short-toed socks, English translation. As you wrote, where's the cotton sock yarn?

Please keep writing; I enjoyed reading your blog.


Three things:
1. COOL socks!!
2. I'm glad to have found your blog!
3. I am also new to blogging, although not knitting, and I'm just dying to find a comment on my blog! I wish more people left comments that visit my blog, but it seems a lot of people are shy to do so. Or have other reasons not to. I've been wondering whether to answer everybody, or not, and I think I will try to do that, it seems like a nice habit. At least if you respond nicely... I can hardly believe somebody sent you a nasty reply and called your suggestion stupid! Even if they didn't agree!


Hi Kim-
I'm not sure what tier I qualify for but I'm here to tell you I appreciate your comment regarding my craptastic AOL blog pics! Ignore that other third tier bonehead, some people just aren't happy unless they're pissing in your cornflakes :)


Those Sockapalooza socks are wonderful, and I know your pal will be beyond thrilled to receive them! Great job!

Thanks for leaving me a compliment on my sweater the other day. I was very touched to receive so many positive comments about the sweater's color and how it looked on me, including yours :). Thanks again :).


Once a woman left me a comment that she didn't like the colors I used for a pair of gloves. This wasn't one of my usual more wild and wacky color combos either - it was just red, white, and pink. Some others responded and this nearly started my very first war in the comments. LOL

Anyway, don't worry about it. 99.9% of the knitters online are really wonderful. You just met one of the bad apples.

I love the socks!

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