All that other stuff was a total lie.


I am a slob. I hate to organize. I buy yarn and forget about it.  I buy needles and lose them. Once in a while, I actually complete a project with the yarn I buy – this is a miracle.


Before I could flash my stash, I had to clean it out.


First, I generated two huge bags of yarn I donŐt want need anymore. I know there are plenty of wonderful knitters who sell their excess yarn on their blogs. Not me. That would be WAY too much work. I am donating my yarn to a good cause.  The wonderful woman who has been coming to my house every Thursday for the past 14 years to decontaminate clean my house wants to learn to knit. Her neighbor is going to teach her. When I told her last week that I was going to clean out my yarn stash, she asked if she could take my excess. I am not sure she knew what she was asking. Here is HER new stash:



Harlot tells us in her master work, Yarn Harlot, the Secret Life of a Knitter  that there are four types of stash – core stash, souvenir stash, sale stash and transient stash. Now, I worship at the feet of Harlot , but I think there is another whole category of stash and that is:




That wonderful yarn that we all love –painted in colors that we never thought possible to combine. This shit just calls my name. I have knit with it and ripped it out. I have made a couple scarves, some socks and one shawl (actually, I made the shawl twice, hated it both times and frogged them). Why, then do I have 68 skeins here? (and 26 more in a secret place )


Here is the main stash.


It is made up of:


Core yarn – this is the stuff that we have to have, but will probably never knit with. In this category, I include my Magpie (3 colors, enough for any sweater pattern Alice Starmore can throw at me), Rowan wool/cotton in discontinued colors (why is it that I always like the discontinued colors best?) An a large pile of Rowan KidSilk Crack Haze in the strangest colors you will ever see. There is a whole box of Jamieson Shetland bought to knit god knows what and 20 skeins of Debbie Bliss cotton angora in black. I have NO idea what I was planning.


Souvenir Stash – Mine is not large. It consists mainly of laceweight Icelandic yarn that I bought last summer in (ta-da) Iceland. The stuff makes Euroflax Linen feel like cashmere. It is the yarn equivalent of sandpaper. They say it will soften when it is washed. They ALWAYS say that. How much soften? Oh, well.


Sale Stash – Elann. And Ebay. Mainly Elann. I get caught up in the thrill of the chase – I have more Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran than anybody will ever need. But it was cheap. Elann told me ahead of time when it would go on sale. I sat at my computer at just the right time with my hand on the mouse. My heart was racing and I said a little prayer (I am totally not religious except at this moment) that they will have my preferred colors. Of course, they have all of them. Now I am stuck with them.


Transient Stash – Harlot maintains this is the only stuff that has a chance in hell of getting used. I have lots of this. It is STR, LornaŐs Laces, other newer sock yarn dye wizards, Brooks FarmÉand recently Rowan Denim (I have seen the light). I keep this in a basket next to my chair in the family room so I can admire it from time to time.


Of course, there are also the kits – two Dale Sweaters, a Falkenberg, a Vivan Hoxbro, everything on my sidebar.


So, whatŐs the point of all this? We all share the love of beautiful yarn snaking through our fingers, onto the needles and emerging as something that we have created with our own hands. It is the stash that keeps us going. It is the stash that feeds our disease. It is the stash that convinces us that we need more yarn.


ŇReally, when you think about it, stash isnŐt that bad.

But I still have nothing to knit.Ó


                                     -Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee)


Grace Y  koigu



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