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SHINGLES! Oh, I am so sorry. That is not right. My MIL had that and it was awful--and she NEVER complains and cycles to work every day.

I love my socks! and I love those lavaflow ones too. The Moderne baby blanket will be AMAZING. one of my yarn buds is making an adult sized one--a knitting marathon! baby blankets are like half marathons, or 1 10k.

So glad you can knit again!


I just wanted to let you know that I've added your knitting blog to the sidebar of links that i have on my own fiber blog. I hope you don't mind. If you do, please let me know and I'll remove you.

Thanks for blogging!


I'm glad to see that the socks fit you so well (and that I'm not the only one dealing with pets blowing their coats). Can't wait to see pics of your Cece, it's in my knitting queue this summer too.


This is my first visit to your blog, and I like your style. Your knitting is pretty cool too, I love the look of your socks and the way you chose to change colors. Happy knitting!


Oh, how is the modern baby blanket going? I'd eyed it but have 3 ladies pregnant so many working on the baby bibs and one kimono


So sorry to hear about the Shingles. That is a very painful thing to have.


Hi, Kim! So sorry to hear about your shingles -- how painful that must've been! The socks you received in the exchange are fabulous!! We miss seeing you at the shop -- stop in when you get a chance! -- Linda @ Yarnzilla


Hi K! Where are you? Missing your posts -I hope everything is ok!

Lisa S

Oy, Shingles. You are too young for this nonsense. Ugh. I guess that all of us who had The Pox are living on the faultline at all times with this disease. Feel better soon.

The black and colorful socks are fabulous. Just so's ya is a total PITA to dye and the fraternal twins in a dyebath can be just that...fraternal. The socks look great.

Just an FYI, I got bounces today when I responded to your email and so here I will tell you that yes, you can have that shrug pattern. Just email me and we will make it happen for you. :o)


Having had many a patient (and a mother-in-law) who've suffered with shingles, I can say it SUCKS the BIG ONE. SO sorry. Hope you are truly on the mend. ;-)


I just finished my second bout of shingles on my left arm. The dr says if you can get in within 48 hrs or so, of the first sign there is medication. I don't know how I missed it the second time. Thank goodness it wasn't as bad, but took just as long to get over.

Found your blog when looking for others who have done the Vintage Velvet scarf. Mine is looking pretty short. Does it shrink much in felting?



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