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Omigod!!! You got me!!!! I was drooling by the end of your post!!! And you made me ashamed of my own messy storage. Hee hee....come to find out, we are alike. I can nver find my needles either! I have everything all over the place!

I would love to have your excess yarn. I am driving over right now. ;-)

LOL. Thanks for a good joke!


LOL. I had prewarning, so I guessed it was a fool. Happy April Fool's Day....:)


That's a funny one. I must say, I thought you were a bit crazy at first...


Holy flurking schnitt! You had me there for a second. Great flashing. Thanks!


I like your 'April Fools' ;o)

Your Koigu has me drooling.


hehehe, too funny. Loved your stash, esp the Koigu.


When I got to, "I am an orderly person," I knew something was up or else I had mistakenly visited the wrong blog! You are lots of wonderful things but orderly isn't one of them. :-)

As for us, we have no stash of yarn. We do, however, have le stash du vin...

Wendy DG

I especially love all the projects you have going on your dining room table! But, seriously back to you comment on Nona Knits...Can you teach me how to nap while I drive?


You got me too - I was starting to suspect something, but I was also appreciating your organizational system - I'm a little "organized"/anal myself.

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