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Loved the picture of Emma getting nipped by Grace!!!!! How did you catch that one? Guess they must do this often...the picture of Emma's face was wonderful. You could read that she was saying "oh shit..."


The socks looks great. I really like the color.

Love the photo of the matching pets. Is that a King Charles Spaniel?


Your socks are great, love the colors!!
Great photo of your pets!


Those sock pal socks seem a very interesting construction! Also, your comment on Alison's site "pink is the new blue" cracked me UP!


Great socks you just finished -- I'd have to say they are simply splendid! As for your sock pal, go for it and make the socks fraternal. When possible, hand knit socks should not be exactly the same -- where's the fun in identical socks??


The photo of the cat and dog is priceless. My cat also pulls the same moves on the dog and she always falls for it. Hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

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